About Aerial Portfolio Services

Aerial Portfolio Services (APS) was established in 1986 to provide clients with custom oblique view aerial photographic geo-images in either digital or standard formats. APS takes pride in blending our photographic skills with our professional planning skills to produce high quality perspectives visualizing land use and environmental opportunities and constraints. Our work has appeared in many media forms including "Behind the Lens", a film documentary profiling our experience and talents.

Our oblique aerial geo-images, obtained by aircraft and drones (UAV) provide our clients with valuable visual perspectives for site selection, presentation and land use inventory requirements, among other uses.

Aerial Portfolio Services, in association with Pound & Stewart Planning, specializes in providing aerial geo-images including the following land-related products and services:

  • Geo-coded Imaging

  • Environmental Monitoring

  • Land Use Monitoring

  • GPS Application Image Coding

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Cataloging & Inventories

  • Marketing Portfolios

  • Digital Enhancements

  • Technical or Display Images

  • Exhibits for Tribunals / Displays

  • CD / DVD / USB Formats

Land Use & Community Planning
Environmental Engineering
Real Estate, Marketing & Advertising
Municipal Engineering
Modern Architecture
Custom Aerial Images
Historic Arcitecture

“Helping People Shape Living, Working & Public Spaces”

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Historic Arcitecture